MAXBO Holmen



Under construction




5 695 m2


Storebrand Holmen Utvikling AS


Vogellund 31, 1304 Nesbru

The project requires the site to be developed in phases, where store space for space-consuming wares are first phase. The connection between the new and the existing building (Skeidar) will be detailed out in phase 2.

The building contains three volumes (building A, B and C) reflecting different functions. Building A contains the glass facade entrance over two floors, public area on the first floor and techincal room on the roof (similar for phase one and two). Building B has the main function of hardware store for the ground floor and leaseable areas on the first floor. Building C acts as space-consuming wood storage with a drive-in solution and exteriour goods delivery.

The building runs along the site perimiter towards west and creates a natural noise screen towards the main road, a welcome change for the exteriour sports arena behind the building. Access is planned through the east-side where customer parking are located towards the entrance. Goods deliveries coming in or out will be placed towards south-east so that customer flow is not disturbed.

Architecturally the building are compised of two main volumes – one longer and lower, and one shorter but taller weaved together. One long volume (building B and C) constructed in sandwich wall technology, decorated with interesting conices that combines the two together. The volume is articulated towards the south with an extended dynamic roof, which not only is estethically pleasing but serves an important function as covered goods delivery and wood storage from the elements. Building B “opens up” towards E18 with a two story glass facade letting in daylight towards the entrance and public areas on the first floor, while maintaining clear views towards the parking areas and views towards the sports arena. The volume is further articulated through vertical wood cladding which accentuates the entrance. The wood cladding creates a soft backdrop for store signage and will acts as a “business card” for Maxbo wood supplier. Emphasis is put on the buildings esthethical character, connection to its surroundings, connection to the bicucle and walking pathway and sustainable solutions for green roof, on-roof solar panels and integrated exisiting site steam.