Drammen Court House



Feasibility study






Erik Børresens allé 20, 3015 Drammen

In relation to the recent sale of the old Courthouse site in Drammen centre,  ANT has made some observations on how we believe the site can be developed. We believe this is a major opportunity to bring new life into an older building, and coindicentally provide something meaningful to the citys recidents by inviting people into the site.

Today the site contains to listed buildings; the tall former administration/ prison and and the court house, in addition to a smaller service building to the east. The site was designed by Fritjhof Stoud Platou and was finalised in 1962. ANT suggest that the former admin building and courth house are reverted back to the original by removing several additions from throughout the years. Among these are several additions to the buildings entrance. By removing these, an axis is formed leading people into the buildings courtyard and through the site. As a replacement for the service building we suggest to build a new residental building, because of the high demand for housing close to the city centre.

These buildings will together create an inviting centre square, where we picture shops and restaurants and by combining housing with offices, the site will be populated at all times. From the centre square there are options to travel east or north via centre stairs while the square connects the green areas for the northerns housing to the park south of the court house.

The former admin building can be used for offices or other industries, while the cherry on top is the restaurant in the old roof terraces! The former court house appears more formal, and we believe this could be used as a sports venue for the citizens of Drammen. We also se opportunities for a playground on the roof…

You can also read the article published in Drammens Tidende (norwegian):